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Full Cabin Floor Protection

Mudtamer 4x4 mats offer a level of protection for your vehicle that can’t be beat. Our deep design keeps any mess contained to the mat and helps prevent and dirt, sand, or spills spreading through the rest of your vehicle.

100% Recyclable

Sustainability is more important than ever and we don’t believe our high quality 4x4 mats should be an exception to this. Using TPE along with our closed loop “end of life” system ensures Mudtamer is as good for the environment as it is for your vehicle.

3D Scanning & OEM Location Points

Every time that we add a new set to our ever growing line up, we make sure you’re getting a product that fits your vehicle with ease. By 3D scanning, we can be extremely specific with fittings, even down to the OEM location points so that you can install your Mudtamer mats without issue every time.

Chemical Resistant

Getting the contained mess on your Mudtamer mats cleaned up is a breeze thanks to their great chemical resistance. Use what you have handy and save yourself from having to buy a collection of specific cleaning products that you will never use again.

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