Fuel Product FAQ's

Our products are designed to be as safe as possible for you to use. Their safety is classified by an outside international company specialising in assessing and managing chemical safety.

Our fuel and oil products have been through rigorous testing in the laboratory and on the dyno during design which shows their performance. This has been followed by thousands of kilometres of real life use.

FUELTAMER breaks down deposits allowing them to be burnt off. It works all the way from the tank to the exhaust.

If you have not used FUELTAMER before, then you need it! When you feel the difference it makes, you will be able to tell when it's time for another bottle. As a rough guide, if most of your time driving is spent in heavy traffic, treat at around every 5000km. If you do a lot of highway driving, you can go as far as 10,000km between treatments.

No, you should not mix FUELTAMER & FUELGUARDIAN in the same tank.

You won't do any harm by adding a whole 100ml bottle to less than 200L. FUELGUARDIAN is not only safe to use, it's also safe on your engine.

One capful will treat around 6L of diesel.

OILTAMER is one of the few products that is safe for you to drive with while it is in the oil. It should be added just before driving to the service centre. Avoid highway driving at speed, if possible.

FUELTAMER has the same dose across all fuel types and engines. The dose has been chose to give the optimum level of performance and economy for your vehicle.