Dash Damage - A Thing of the Past

Dash Damage - A Thing of the Past

With new vehicles getting seemingly more and more expensive, it is becoming more important than ever to protect yours and keep it in the best condition possible for a much longer on road life. Our focus at MUDTAMER has always been about offering premium protection for your 4x4 so that no matter what you or life throws its way, it remains in the best condition possible.

With the ever increasing popularity of our range of MUDTAMER floor protection, we continued to explore other products to add to our range that stayed within our focus and overall goal as a company. This has eventually led us to the introduction of dash mats. 

Sticking with our preference of Australian Made products, our dash mats are manufactured right here down under and continue to uphold the quality you have come to love and expect from our floor protection. 

So, why should you have a dash mat in your 4x4? We think the answer is pretty simple! As we are all well aware, the sun in both Australia and New Zealand is no joke and it is pretty common for your dash to take the brunt of its fury. With the windscreen in your vehicle amplifying the heat, this puts your dash under some harsh UV light that although not immediately visible, will cause damage to your vehicle over time. 

It is proven that long exposure to the sun over years or even months will lead to your dash fading and splitting with the only option for repair often being replacing the whole dash. This is not a cheap option, certainly when compared with the price of a dash mat. Super simple to install and custom moulded for a perfect fit, our dash mats will prevent that sunlight from hitting it directly while still taking into account everything on your dash including speakers, sensors, and most importantly air bags. 

While giving amazing long life protection from sun damage, a good quality dash mat will also offer some immediate effects that you will surely notice straight away. The big two are a reduction of heat in your cabin which is always welcome when climbing back into your 4x4 on a hot day and a massive reduction in glare. The mat works to prevent the sun from reflecting off your dash while driving, making it much easier to keep your eyes on the road or the trail. 

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