Mudtamer goes Cross Country in Asia

Mudtamer goes Cross Country in Asia

As you may or may not be aware - every year a tough and unforgiving off-road race is held where competitors test their driving, endurance, navigation skills and teamwork. The Asia Cross Country Rally (also known as the AXCR) is the ultimate test for the 4 wheel drive vehicles and drivers that enter as they traverse anywhere from 2000-4000km's of swamps, river crossings, jungle and desert over the span of 6-9 days. It has been running since 1996 in South East Asia and has really gained itself a loyal following amongst off-road and 4x4 enthusiasts worldwide.


Ute parked on sand

This year we have partnered up with the Feeliq Innovation Motorsport Team to sponsor their absolute monster of a Ford Raptor. This will be driven by Michael Freeman and Chaiya Chommalee as they put it through its paces and show what the vehicle is really capable of.


Both drivers standing next to the Mudtamer sponsored Ford Raptor

Although the event has reasonably tight rules around modifications that can be made to the vehicle - a few things have been done to ensure the drivers stay safe and know where they are going! Powered by a 2.0 litre twin turbo diesel engine, this raptor can definitely go the distance. On the interior, the team have added a full roll-cage, rally spec gps, and racing seats with full harnesses. We even managed to get in a set of Mudtamer floor mats which is impressive given the less than standard floor of this ute - we think if you're looking for protection you can't hit the trails without them!


Mudtamer floor mat in the Raptor

Given Mudtamer's toughness both in appearance and durability - we couldn't think of a better place to be involved than with a 4x4 race famous for testing the limits of these both. We will be watching very closely and offering our full support of the team as they chase top results!

You can check out all of the race details and see the full entrants list at -

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