Seriously Safe Mats for Serious Conditions

Seriously Safe Mats for Serious Conditions

Are Your Current Floor Mats as Safe as You Think?

With so many options for vehicle and 4x4 customisation available on the market these days, how can you be sure that every effort has been made to keep you as safe as these upgrades will allow?

Here at Mudtamer we take safety as seriously as we take the business of providing the highest quality vehicle floor protection. How do we do this?


#1 - OEM Fitting Retention Points

All of our mats are designed and manufactured with clips in place that fit with your vehicles OEM clipping locations. This will prevent any movement in the mat while you drive and ensures that your mat won’t end up slipping behind your brake or accelerator. This is a big issue seen in lower quality or carpet mats as they easily move while driving or climbing in and out of your vehicle. We have even designed a unique clipping system for vehicles that don’t come with OEM clipping points - giving these vehicles the same safe locking in features of those with them.

A hand tightening the OEM clips on a mat in a vehicle.


#2 - Deep Cockpit & Footwell Protection

The front of our mats are designed to come right up the front of your vehicles cockpit. This brings them up past your brake and accelerator to ensure there is no interference while you drive from A to B. Mats can get stuck on your throttle creating what is known as throttle lock where it becomes pinned down preventing you from stopping the vehicle. This is extremely dangerous which is why we were meticulous when designing our product to ensure that it would be avoided.

Close up photo of the front of the mats where it goes behind the accelerator


#3 - Textured Heel Pad

We have designed Mudtamer floor mats with a textured heel pad. Not only does this help give the mats their tough appearance - it also works to keep your foot in place while driving. Cheaper mats can be extremely slippery which can lead to your foot not sitting securely while driving. The small bumps on our heel pad keep you in place no matter the footwear.


#4 - Full Mat Contact

Mudtamer 4x4 floor protection features 6 points of contact - a unique feature that sets us apart from others on the market. This isn’t just for our TRUE DEEP DISH design, it also ensures the mats are always in full contact with your vehicles footwell. This will stop your mat moving around and give you peace of mind that once it is installed, it will stay exactly in place like you would expect.

 Side by side of Mudtamer and OEM mat showing the difference in the amount of points the mat comes in contact with the vehicle


With a Lifetime Warranty on our mats, we understand the importance of going the distance. What good is floor protection if it protects your floor but does nothing to protect you? All of these features will help give you peace of mind that every effort has been made to give you the highest quality floor protection without cutting any corners when it comes to staying safe. 

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